NY Times article highlights iPhone training apps

This NY Times article highlights some of iSoccer’s core objectives and principles: help players improve by making training portable, accessible, and customizable to each individual.

Here’s the link to the full article. Training Apps That Help You Sweat the Details. If you run marathons or are trying to lose a few pounds they mention a few apps you might be interested in.

How iSoccer works:
1) Take the iSoccer assessment, find out where you you stand relative to your peers. Establish your baseline and personal benchmarks.
2) iSoccer will recommend the ideal training program for you to improve your technical ability. Set tangible goals for improvement.
3) Download your customized training sessions to your iPod and take them to the field, watch and listen to the instruction, then perform the exercise yourself, then watch the next one while you recover.
4) Upload your results when you get home and keep track of your improvement over time.

Enjoy your training and make the most of your time.  As we like to say, every touch has a purpose.  Mastery and expert performance only come from efficient and targeted practice.