What coaches are saying about iSoccer

We just received this letter from Gary Buyagawan, a coach in Washington who has recently started incorporating the iSoccer Assessment and training tools into his curriculum.  It’s so exciting to hear positive experiences like these taking place across the country!  Thanks for sharing Gary.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a great tool like iSoccer for the soccer community. While we, as a club, are admittedly still getting up and running with the iSoccer program I have taken the opportunity to run my own GU-17 team through some of the assessment drills and they absolutely love them. From a players viewpoint there are a number of great things about iSoccer.

  • The players love the competitive nature of the drills. Not only against their teammates but also against themselves to see improvement each time.
  • The players have found the drills fun and exciting and are anxiously awaiting to have full membership access to the website.
  • Videos that the players can download onto their iPods are a huge plus. This makes their individual training portable and convenient. Players like the ability to clearly see what is being executed before trying to replicate it on their own.

From a coaching standpoint I could not ask for a better online program than iSoccer. Here are a list of benefits that I’ve seen (and remember, this is only with very limited usage thus far).

  • New tools to help player development. The iSoccer program has been a great help in keeping the players and coaches focused on technical development.
  • As we all know, keeping the older age group girls focused on their training rather than boys, work and/or other things is hard. This was the right tool at the perfect time to get my players focused back towards soccer in a competitive, yet fun fashion. Getting GU-17 players to actually focus on technical development is a huge challenge that can be easily corrected by using iSoccer.
  • Immediate and truly measurable results. You can clearly see improvement or regression via the assessment process. There is no gray area for players to hide in. Either they are moving forward and improving or they are not as the assessments tell the full truth of player strengths and weaknesses.
  • The drills and assessments emphasize balanced development with both feet and don’t allow players to favor one foot heavily.
  • Players are excited and have repeatedly asked when the next assessment is going to take place. This means they are mentally engaged in their own development. Which, to be honest, is absolutely huge for players of the age group I’m currently coaching (GU-17).
  • As we had discussed on the phone I have been looking for an online program to support our club operations for a long time. I was looking for a program that would truly help the coaches develop their players as well as keep the individual player involved in their own progression. Something that I felt the coaches and players would both buy into because not only did it help foster improvement in their technical skill level but was fun for everyone involved. After a very long search, and regretfully a lot of misspent money, I found out that this type of program did not exist in the form the club needed… That is, it didn’t exist until iSoccer came along.

    Even with the limited exposure to the program that we’ve provided out players, I cannot say enough about the positive impact iSoccer has already had on our club. I have spoken with all of the Velocity coaches and they have in turn contacted their players/parents regarding the iSoccer program. Further, rumors have already been floating from our club players, parents and teams to other local clubs and associations about this “new training program” that Velocity will be using. Needless to say, everyone is very excited and is looking forward to the upcoming year with iSoccer and Velocity Futbol Club.

    Thank you,

    Gary Buyagawan

    Head Coach – Velocity FC ’92 Green (Washington State League, GU-17)
    Program Director – Velocity FC (Girls Competitive Program with Cascade Soccer Club)

    Learn more about iSoccer at www.iSoccer.org