but what do the players think?

If you’ve been following this blog you’ve probably seen and heard a lot of the feedback we’ve received from coaches about their iSoccer experiences.  Fortunately, sometimes those coaches also pass along responses from their players and parents.  Tom Turner, the Director of Coaching for the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North, shared this email he received from one of his ’97 Girls ODP players:

Coach Tom;

I recently looked at the iSoccer program that you sent to me and everyone on the team. I reviewed the program and saw that it was a great way for players to train outside of soccer practice. I thought iSoccer was so cool, I spent the rest of my morning after getting ready for school (before my bus came) looking at the website and messing with my profile. I love that videos also come on the site, because when someone tells you to do a move, you might not understand and not get the move. This way players can practice, develop skills, and train even on the off season. I like the site and felt the need to tell you. Thank You!

– (Ohio North ODP, Girls ’97 player)

Thanks for sharing this feedback Tom, it’s great to hear that your players are excited about using it to improve at home!

Have you used iSoccer as a player, parent, or coach? Have you had a positive experience? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below, post on our facebook fan page, or email us at support@iSoccer.org; we look forward to hearing from you.