Talking Standards at the Urban Soccer Symposium tomorrow

Tomorrow morning (Thursday April 22) I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Urban Soccer Symposium in Washington DC. We’ll be discussing the role quantifiable, objective soccer metrics and quality standards play in helping socially oriented soccer organizations achieve their goals. Through our partnership with America SCORES we have witnessed the impact first hand and look forward to working with other organizations that use soccer to improve lives.

Here is the full session description.

Program Quality Standards : The Components of “Healthy” Youth Development Programs

Measureable positive results are essential to the development of a strong program.  It is also the key to sustainable funding.  In order to achieve both of these goals, certain quality standards must be in place. In this session, you will learn what those are and how to assess/improve your programs.

Nelda Brown, Academy For Educational Development (AED), Center on Youth Development and Engagement

Megan Bartlett, Up2Us
Amy Skeen, Monique Turner, Kristi Skala, Girls in the Game
Abe Geiger,