NSCAA and US Club Soccer Join the National Standards Project

Youth Soccer Training Goes High Tech as NSCAA and US Club Soccer Sponsor “The National Standards Project” powered by iSoccer

Youth Soccer training around the country will utilize online video and high tech assessment techniques when The NSCAA and US Club Soccer support the National Standards Project and incorporate iSoccer Assessment software into their coaching education, player development, and marketing initiatives starting in June 2010.

San Francisco, CA June 1, 2010In an effort to raise the level of technical ability across the country, the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) and US Club Soccer are going high tech to measure, assess and train the future soccer stars of America.  In partnership with iSoccer, the leader in technical assessment and online youth soccer training software, the NSCAA and US Club Soccer will be participating in The National Standards Project, a long-term initiative to measure, benchmark and track the technical ability of the 18.2 million soccer players in the US.

To ensure a representative sample, iSoccer will collect 1,000,000 assessment results from players and coaches around the country by the end of 2010. Scott Leber, iSoccer’s Founder and CEO explained: “if our collective goal as coaches is to produce more technical players, we need to start by determining our current technical level.  Once we have standard benchmarks, we will be able to evaluate and improve our player development efforts.” With their youth soccer expertise and combined memberships of roughly 1.5 million players and 40,000 coaches, the NSCAA and US Club Soccer will be instrumental in achieving these goals.

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“This partnership and initiative is representative of NSCAA’s mission to help our members excel in their coaching careers through advancing the coaching of soccer and improving players,” states Joe Cummings, NSCAA CEO and Executive Director.

“For more years than I care to admit, I have advocated the need for improved technical ability in our players as the number one priority in American soccer,” said Phil Wright, Chairman of US Club Soccer’s Board of Directors. “Often the first step in improving anything, whether in sport or in business, is to assess the current ‘status quo.’ This joint venture between iSoccer, the NSCAA and US Club Soccer will provide that critical first step. I have put players through the iSoccer program and they have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their individual improvement over time.”

iSoccer becomes the official “Assessment Provider” of the NSCAA and US Club Soccer. The NSCAA becomes the “Official Coaching Education Partner” and US Club Soccer becomes the “Official Player Development Partner” of The National Standards Project. All National Assessment tools are free for both coaches and players at www.TheStandardsProject.org.  Additionally, the NSCAA is sponsoring one-month free premium iSoccer memberships for every coach who registers during the month of June.  US Club Soccer will also sponsor player upgrades for specific premium content in the coming months.

About iSoccer
iSoccer is an award winning, online training and coaching platform that provides players, coaches and clubs with the tools and motivation to improve the technical ability of youth soccer players. Players, teams and clubs are able to assess their current level using the proprietary iSoccer Assessment, analyze their strengths and weaknesses using sophisticated tracking tools, target their training with a customized practice session builder and download over 500+ iPod ready video clips to help raise their technical level through self-guided training.


Based in Kansas City, Kan., the NSCAA is the largest coaches’ organization in the United States. Since its founding in 1941, it has grown to include more than 30,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. In addition to a national rankings program for colleges and high schools, NSCAA offers an extensive recognition program that presents nearly 10,000 individual awards every year. It fulfills its mission of coaching education through a nationwide program of clinics and week-long courses, teaching more than 6,000 soccer coaches each year.


About US Club Soccer
US Club Soccer is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop competitive club soccer in the United States. A member of the United States Soccer Federation since July 2001, US Club Soccer has grown to include member clubs and leagues in 50 states. In addition to sanctioning and administering tournaments, leagues and other competitions as well as offering a range of programs for its members, US Club Soccer annually conducts the National Cup and the National Collegiate Showcase. US Club Soccer also directs its own player identification and development program – id2.


Abe Geiger, VP of Marketing
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