National Assessment Topic #1: Comfort

What is tested in the Topic “Comfort”
The two “Comfort” assessments are the most basic of all the sixteen skills tested. Toe Taps and Foundations can be performed by players as young as five but can still be challenging for the oldest player. 20 Seconds. How many can you do? Check out the video to see other players around the country doing the test:

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What is Ball Comfort?
Ball comfort is touching the ball consistently and efficiently with different parts of the foot. Comfort skills are typically performed within a very tight space and in a repetitive sequence to build maximum comfort.

What does Ball Comfort Help?
Ball comfort helps a player build confidence in touching the ball with different parts of the foot. Typically you won’t see exact comfort skills performed in a game, but you will often see players touching the ball with all different parts of the foot. And the more comfortable you are to move and direct the ball precisely where you want it is the mark of any successful player.