National Assessment Topic #3: Dribbling

What is being in tested in Topic #3: Dribbling

Learning to control the ball with all parts of your foot is a critical step in the development of every player. The National Test will not only assess a player’s current level of both their feet but will also develop the correct technique for players to effectively use the inside and outside of their foot. The test is deliberately structured to teach the correct fundamentals to a six year old as well as force a high level eighteen year old to be sharper. Dribbling around cones and turning on a line may seem like elementary exercises, but can you do it at top speed with absolute control, all while being timed?

In addition to amazing ball control, what does Messi do better than almost any other player in the world? Accelerate! His acceleration with the ball is incredible whether he is touching it by the defender or eluding a tackle, his first two steps are nothing short of amazing. And that is exactly what we test. How quickly you accelerate after carving around the cone, turning on the line or finishing your scissors will determine your score. You must first focus on doing the skill correctly, but make sure you accelerate as hard as you can while still maintaining control!

Soccer is a game of quality, not quantity. If you only need to use one or two touches, why should you use three or more. Dribbling, by definition, is a matter of getting from point A to point B with the most efficient method possible. So how do you do that? Make the ball do the work! You run faster when you are not constantly touching the ball. So when you have 5 meters to cover, can you get there in one or two touches? Or do you need four or five? Can you place the ball perfectly next to the cone to set up your next touch? Or do you need three to circle around the cone? Use the iSoccer test to become more efficient with your touches.

Watch the Four Tests in Topic #3: Dribbling
Change of Pace (Preferred Foot)
Change of Pace (Non-Preferred Foot)
Change of Direction
Moves | Scissors

Together, we can continue to Raise the Level of the entire country… Join the movement and Help Set the Standard!!!

National Standards Project Summary
1. MEASURE Technical Ability
2. ESTABLISH National Standard
3. IMPROVE Overall Level

The National Standards Project is the first step in a multi-year initiative to raise the level of soccer in this country. By assessing your players, teams or entire club, you are helping set the National Standards and contributing to the betterment of the game in the United States. The goal is to reach 1,000,000 assessment results by the end of 2010. The report of the National Standards Project will be released at the 2011 NSCAA Convention in Baltimore.

Let’s keep the momentum and excitement of the World Cup going. Collectively we can make a difference for the next generation of American players.

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