National Assessment Topic #4: Passing

Wall Passing is Critical to Development

Excerpts from Claudio Renya’s Book “More Than Goals”

“Dennis Bergkamp, the great Dutch striker who scored and set up hundreds of goals for Ajax Amsterdam, Arsenal and the Dutch National Team, said that when he was a young player at Ajax, they had little three foot high walls. He would knock the ball against it for hours. Every time he hit the ball, he would know whether it was a good touch or a bad touch. He would do it over and over, trying to establish a rhythm.”

“I would also hit the ball against the side of the house… Hitting the ball with both feet, seeing how long I could return the walls passes without losing control. I found out later that so many pros spend lots of their childhood doing that.”

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Take the Test and Motivate Your Players
Use the iSoccer National Assessment to not only know your players’ passing levels, but also to motivate them to train against a wall more often. And if for some reason you cannot find a training wall, please pick your head up and look at every solid surface around you. Training walls are on every corner of the globe (and your house).

Immediate Feedback
The wall never lies and does not play favorites. It provides immediate feedback that is 100% honest. When you knock a nice pass or driven ball into the wall, the ball comes right back to you. When you do knock a nice ball into the wall, you will know it right away. Are you moving from side to side or is the ball bouncing too high? These are all indicators that you can sharpen your passing skills.

2.5 meters from the wall, how many can you do in 20 seconds?
Watch the Assessment Videos! –
First Touch and Pass (Preferred Foot)
First Touch and Pass(Non-Preferred Foot)
One Touch Passing (Preferred Foot)
One Touch Passing (Non-Preferred Foot)

Together, we can continue to Raise the Level of the entire country… Join the movement and Help Set the Standard!

National Standards Project Summary
1 – MEASURE Technical Ability
2 – ESTABLISH National Standard
3 – IMPROVE Overall Level The National Standards Project is the first step in a multi-year initiative to raise the level of soccer in this country. By assessing your players, teams or entire club, you are helping set the National Standards and contributing to the betterment of the game in the United States.

The goal is to reach 1,000,000 assessment results by the end of 2010. The report of the National Standards Project will be released at the 2011 NSCAA Convention in Baltimore.

Let’s keep the momentum and excitement of the World Cup going. Collectively we can make a difference for the next generation of American players.

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