The Time is Now to Start Raising Your Level

“What you can MEASURE, you can IMPROVE”
Raising Your Level Starts Today!

Knowledge is Power



What can the assessment results show you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Have you been improving? Setting a baseline with your initial assessment allows your to objectively measure your improvement. The assessment has been carefully designed for players of all ages and levels not just to see where you currently stand – but also to equip you with the knowledge and tools to get more out of your training.

How do you Compare?



Until now, players have only been able to compare themselves within their local region. With a nationally standardized assessment, 12 year old Mikey from Alabama can see how his scores compare to 12 year old players from New York, 14 year old players from Florida – the comparisons are endless. The ability to measure yourself against others allows players to see their strengths and weaknesses and then to target their training accordingly.

The Test: Simple, yet Honest



How hard can it be to dribble in a figure 8? To pass a ball off a wall continuously? These tests may seem easy, but when we add a time constraint and make the test measurable, we’ve found the test results to be quite revealing. This test, along with the 15 other assessment skills, effectively measures your ability in each area of the game.

Together, we can continue to Raise the Level of the entire country… Join the movement and Help Set the Standard!