iSoccer Visits Japan

iSoccer Visits Japan From Toyko to Osaka to Kyoto to Tsuyama!

Japanese Youth Player Development
Talk about getting your touches in! The Japanese youth system emphasizes technical development and it really shows. From the training event in Osaka to the tournament in southern Japan (Tsuyama) the quality of the players was remarkable. From a very young age, individual development is key to overall player development.

The Japanese youth system is built on this idea that a solid ‘technical’ foundation is hugely important for continued success in the game.

Did Japanese Youth Players respond to the iSoccer Assessment?
In a word, Yes! The players knew the skill we were testing – Toe Taps. It was amazing to see the intensity level rise as the players performed a fairly routine skill, like Toe Taps, while recording a score under a time constraint. The same holds true around the world, “If you can measure, you can improve it” AND”Assigning a score to a skill raises the intensity level 15% to 25% (and in some cases even more!)”

Domo Arigato Japan!