The 10 iSoccer Levels

At the core of iSoccer is a 16 skill assessment. Depending on the score you earn, there is a an iSoccer level associated with that score. Each iSoccer level is color coded so you can easily see what level you are at and what color you want to get to… Here is a quick explanation of the 10 levels!

(white)… Level 1 : The jumping off point! Lets start raising your level! Focus on understanding the basic skills and performing each skill with the proper technique.

(orange)… Level 2 : Players have begun to understand and perform the basic skills while still focusing on technique.

(purple)… Level 3 : Nearing the Intermediate Levels, players at this level are now comfortable with the fundamentals of the game

(yellow)… Level 4 : Proficient with the basics, players should now focus on raising their level by increasing the speed of each skill and focusing on their non-preferred foot

(green)… Level 5 : Players at this level have built a solid foundation, but still need to focus on performing each skill consistently well with both feet

(blue)… Level 6 : Players are very comfortable with the ball, and should focus on raising their levels by pushing themselves in training.

(brown)…. Level 7 : Players are technically proficient and need to increase their speed and consistency to achieve the next level.

(red)… Level 8 : Players are able to perform all the skills at a high level. Focus on speed and accuracy to raise your level.

(black)… Level 9 : Very technical and very fast. Players at this level are performing each skill with speed, precision and consistency at the highest level.

(red-outlined black)… Level 10: Players have achieved ball mastery by combining blazing speed with razor sharp precision and ability to perform with both feet. Congratulations!