How Can We Motivate All Players?

Players See and Know They are Improving
Soccer is a fast-paced game that requires players to simultaneously focus on their control, vision, communication and shape. With so many factors, it can be very difficult for young players to isolate specific improvements. So at iSoccer, we remove the outside factors, and isolate individual skills. We have created a scoring system for players to measure themselves and see their improvement. The player now has full awareness, understanding and ownership when they achieve a higher iSoccer level!

Success Breeds Success
Everyone loves the feeling of winning and self-achievement. So we built iSoccer with that psychology in mind. The first couple of times players perform the iSoccer assessment, they should be able to progress from one level to the next without too much additional training. This scoring system was deliberately designed so that players feel the satisfaction of earning a new level and achieving a higher score. However, as players progress, attaining each new level will require a deeper and deeper commitment to that skill. Reaching that next level may take weeks, months of even a year, but players’ previous successes will strengthen their belief that they can achieve the next level.

The Perfect Challenge for Each Player
Players are different – skill, speed, decision-making and field presence all vary. Finding the perfect challenge for each player is crucial. With iSoccer, there is only one competitor, “yourself.” No matter the current score, a player can always try and do one more…. And that is the perfect challenge!

A Complete Team Effort
The ultimate vision is for each and every player to take responsibility for raising their own level. However, we recognize this is a team effort and that outside support and recognition can be very powerful! The iSoccer program motivates players more effectively when parents and coaches reinforce the scores and goals. If a coach or a parent administers the assessment and then does not mention it for 6 months, the full potential impact is lost. In a positive and healthy way, challenge and remind your player to raise their level! Coaches, check out “How to use iSoccer in Everyday Practice.”

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