Mass Premier Soccer joins the Movement!

Waltham, 8th March 2011; Mass Premier Soccer would like to announce a partnership with iSoccer that will help continue the technical development process for players within the club.

Players from the MPS School of Excellence and Premier Team programs will be introduced to the National Standards Project (NSP), which is currently used to measure, benchmark and track the technical ability of 18.2 million youth soccer players in the U.S. MPS will also introduce the National Standards Project to the 60 different communities that it currently helps from a coach and player education perspective and will also plan to create programs in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Florida inside the other MPS franchises.

“We are excited to include iSoccer and the National Standards Project as a component of our training calendar as we look to maximize the development potential of each player within the club,” said MPS Director of Coaching Peter Bradley. “The NSP will allow the MPS Technical Department to record and analyze test data from across the club. It will also enable us to continue and enhance our mission of coach and player education throughout the State and the country.”

iSoccer is an assessment and video training platform that empowers players, coaches, and clubs to improve their technical ability. The iSoccer Assessment will be taken throughout the year to measure individual and team development. MPS coaches will also use the assessment results to focus their training with the players and to build targeted technical sessions to supplement team practices. This additional resource provides players, coaches and parents guided video training instruction, professionally designed by experienced coaches, which can be downloaded to computers/mobile devices and performed at home.

“iSoccer is excited to build a relationship with Mass Premier Soccer as we enter into the second year of the National Standards Project,,” said iSoccer Founder and CEO Scott Leber. “MPS is a great organization that is committed to long-term player development, and iSoccer will be an excellent supplement to their current curriculum. Through iSoccer, MPS players and teams will not only know their technical level, but will also be motivated to raise their technical level.”

“Players will be encouraged to utilize the online tools that iSoccer provides to help them devise a training program to be carried out at home,” said Bradley. “iSoccer will help to motivate players to increase their accountability for their development and also increase their contact time with a soccer ball.”