San Diego Surf Soccer Club launch their partnership with iSoccer today for the enhancement of youth player development.


By: Diane Scavuzzo

San Diego Surf Soccer Club Selects iSoccer’s Motivational Program to Help Surf Players Practice Away From The Field.

Colin Chesters, Director Of Coaching, Surf Soccer Club says, “By adding iSoccer to our program, we feel we are keeping true to the progressive nature of our club. Surf Soccer Club is always seeking ways to improve our players and we feel by adding this program we are doing exactly that.”

“The San Diego Surf is one the premier clubs across the country and we are proud to have them join with us in our mission to raise the level of the game. The Surf is committed to impacting the lives of all of their players and through our relationship; we look forward to building on their existing culture of development. We are very excited to launch with the Surf but even more excited about the development in the months and years to come!” says Scott Leber, CEO of iSoccer.

“The Surf Soccer Club’s coaching staff and I have had several meetings to incorporate this program into our training. Our staff is excited. iSoccer will help motivate our players to train on their own, with a friend or with family members. We have always felt the best players are self-motivated and this program reinforces and encourages player to be so. The more time our kids spend with a ball away from their main training environment, the better the individuals, the teams and our club will become,” says Chesters.

“Colin Chesters and the San Diego Surf Soccer Club have continued to be on the cutting edge of player development on both the girls and boys side of the game. The Surf Club as a whole has acted as a leader in the development of youth soccer and we are excited to be working side by side with them to raise the level of the game,” says Rob Becerra, iSoccer’s National Director.

“I was at State Cup earlier this month watching some of our younger teams, and on many occasions, I saw them presented with a challenge that they were unable to solve. I instantly thought of an exercise in the iSoccer program that, if practiced thousands of times, would have given this player the skill set to:

1. Solve the problem
2. Be a more valued member of their team
3. Play more in meaningful moments of the game
4. Make their team more successful and,
5. Further enhance our clubs reputation of developing players for the next level.

I want to share some advice for kids and parents: Spend a minimum of 4 hours outside of training, practicing and breaking your current records. I have always been a big believer in homework assignments for younger players and this program provides this to our players in a way that is motivating and rewarding. Good luck to all the players, remember commit time to your own development. It will pay off in huge ways for you down the road,” encourages Chesters.

San Diego Surf Soccer Club launched the iSoccer program last week with player assessments. Players were eager to perform the skills for the evaluation and excited to start practicing more off the field.