Focused Football Education and iSoccer partner to raise the technical performance of junior and youth soccer players in Australia.


Starting March 20, the Focused Football Education network in Melbourne, Australia will introduce its development players and coaches to the United States National Assessment of iSoccer. Although there are many teams and players already using the iSoccer program in Australia, Focused Football Education will be the first official club to launch in Australia!

“We are delighted to include iSoccer as an integral part of our Player Development programs. The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) has initiated programs across Australia to emphasize the importance of appropriate player development with young players,” stated Focused Football Education founder Daniel Jarvis Director of Player and Coach Development.

“We intend to utilize iSoccer as a platform to assess, monitor and initiate individual player development in conjunction with our training programs that incorporate the FFA’s National Curriculum and Skill Acquisition Programs. We plan to expose our club players, coaches and soccer and Futsal network partners to the iSoccer NSP immediately,” stated Glen Waverley Soccer Club, Coach Educator Daniel Jarvis.

Scott Leber, CEO and Founder of iSoccer, says, “We are thrilled to form our first partnership with an Australian organization. Focused Football Education is taking a long term approach to player development and we look forward to a long, lasting relationship beginning to raise the level of players in Melbourne and across Australia.”

Focused Football Education plans on its Players, Coaches and Parents utilizing iSoccer for the following reasons (to name a few):

• Promotes individual assessment and goal setting
• Presented in a media form that youth identify with
• Utilizes learning styles
• Ability compare personal scores to other players’ scores
• Ability to plan their own training
• Fun and engaging—motivates players to get better scores

• iSoccer is a leveled assessment and player development tracking tool
• Identifies players’ technical strengths and weaknesses
• Identifies key areas to individually tailor training programs
• Assess coaches training programs through player development
• Drills and activities available include APS to help coaches in the field
• Targets the four learning styles
• Great homework tool
• Collaborative goal setting

• Become more knowledgeable with regards to player development
• Able to review and compare their child’s technical development with a cohort of children
• Use as a tool to positively reward individual practice (hard work) i.e. If you do 3 iSoccer activities for the next 20 minutes you can have 15 minutes on the computer or Xbox

About Focused Football Education
Based in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Focused Football Education was formed as a sub group under the Inter Sporting Essentials banner in 2007, by Daniel Jarvis. Focused Football Education offers a variety of programs and services to junior and youth soccer and futsal, including, consultancy to soccer and futsal organizations, school holiday clinics, community outreach, school clinics, active after school care programs and regional/State team management and training.