Is this a More Efficient Way to Develop Your Players?

iSoccer is receiving feedback from across the country that players of all ages and levels are having more fun, working harder, and improving at a faster rate. Why is the combination of time constraints (20 seconds), skill isolation and score-keeping accelerating youth soccer development across the country?

20 Seconds is the Right Balance
20 Seconds is just long enough to tire most players, but not exhaust them. So when you require a player to focus and put forth maximum effort for 20 seconds, you are asking them to maintain their concentration while slowly becoming more fatigued. They are forced to be consistent and focused for the entire time, and that is when skill development goes into over-drive. Executing at top speed, top concentration – all while becoming increasingly fatigued is a fantastic environment for development.

Skill Isolation Is Refreshingly Honest
Soccer is a complex game and it can be very difficult to know when you are improving or if you truly can perform a skill. By isolating a specific skill, there is no guessing, and that can be (surprisingly) refreshing for the player. This ambiguity is now something tangible and players know they can either perform the skill or not. We believe that all skills, no matter how complex they may appear, are built upon very basic fundamentals. When you can execute each of them in isolation – game situations that require combining different skills will be that much easier!

Achieving a New Score is Awesome
Fist pumps and high fives are fun but when, if ever do you see these in technical development? By removing all outside factors, we are able to isolate individual skills, score them and allow for such fun. When you keep score, players are able to measure themselves and actually see their improvement. Players now have better awareness, understanding and ownership when they achieve a higher iSoccer level! And we have said it before, Success breeds Success. A player who knows what it feels like to Raise His Level is excited, motivated, and wants to improve. And that is Awesome!