The College Standards Project Intro Video

Coach Dean Koski of Lehigh University and Scott Leber at Lehigh University

“Having a strong familiarity with iSoccer as a training and evaluation instrument, we began using the platform for my college team during training sessions as part of our technical warm-up. The iSoccer model is easy to organize and execute, as well as dynamic enough to keep our players motivated and focused. While no test can fully assess a players’ readiness to compete at this level, the more information we have as coaches about our players and even potential prospects can only serve to help us make more informed decisions.”

Scott Leber, iSoccer Founder
“The College Standards Project is a very exciting initiative for many reason – But two of the top reasons are: One, being able to measure and then publish a ‘technical level’ of college teams is going to motivate thousands of youth players across the country. By giving our youth players a target to attack, I am confident there is going to be a lot more time spent with the ball trying to obtain the various levels. Secondly, the College game is known for speed and power, but not necessarily skill. The iSoccer Assessment empowers college coaches across the country to be able to measure, track and compare their players while empowering college players to sharpen their own technical ability. Over the long run, the technical level of the college game will hopefully begin to match the physical level.”