Demosphere Announces iSoccer as Official Assessment Partner

[Official Press Release from Demosphere]

08.11.2011– Falls Church, VA. In an effort to raise the level of technical ability of youth soccer players nationwide, Demosphere International, Inc. has named iSoccer its Official Soccer Assessment Partner. Demosphere, the leading provider of web-based tools for sports organizations, will work closely with iSoccer, the leader in technical assessment and online youth soccer training software, to deliver a highly effective and motivating program for players, parents and teams across the country.

iSoccer, the Leader of the National Standards Project, is an online training platform that motivates players of all ages and abilities to improve their technical skills. A revolutionary program, iSoccer uses standardized testing, web technology, and competitive learning to drive positive, objective results.

“Based on Demosphere’s relationship with hundreds of recreational clubs around the country all the way up to U.S. Soccer, we are very excited about this new partnership,” stated Scott Leber, Founder and CEO of iSoccer. “Our mission is to ‘Raise the Level of the Game’ and we believe we are taking a great step forward by working together. We look forward to providing a valuable assessment and motivational tool to tens of thousands of clubs, teams and players in the their network and being a platform for them to Raise Their Level!”

While many features of iSoccer are free, Demosphere customers will receive a 10% discount if they choose to upgrade to a premium account using the code ‘Demosphere’.

“iSoccer has developed strong momentum in the technical assessment market so it was a natural partnership for us,” commented Marketing Director Sean Rose. “With many of our customers already using iSoccer, we see a tremendous benefit to exposing everyone to their industry-leading tools.”

About Demosphere International, Inc.:

Demosphere is an Information Technology company based in Northern Virginia that has catered to the technology needs of sports organizations for over 21 years. From league and state administrative tools to website development and registration services for U.S. Soccer, Bermuda FA, and hundreds of community organizations, Demosphere has invested heavily in sports so they can reach their highest levels with the logistical support of advanced technology. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About iSoccer:

iSoccer is an award winning, online training and coaching platform that provides players, coaches and clubs with the tools and motivation to improve the technical ability of youth soccer players. Players, teams and clubs are able to assess their current level using the proprietary iSoccer Assessment, analyze their strengths and weaknesses using sophisticated tracking tools, target their training with a customized practice session builder and download over 500+ iPod ready video clips to help raise their technical level through self-guided training. For more information, visit the iSoccer’s website at