Eight Week Recreational Coach Practice Plan Courtesy of iSoccer

Coach, we get it. You have a full time job and afternoon hits. Rushing to the field you think, “What am I going to do with the kids tonight?” You are not alone, and iSoccer wants to help you by simplifying practice! We believe the goals of the season are:

1. Players become better soccer players.
2. Players enjoy competing and want to play next season.
3. Players grow as people and socialize with their peers.

That is it. Lets keep it simple. Winning is of course important, but secondary to those three season goals! Ready? Let’s do this!

Click HERE or on any of the below images to download the Eight Week Practice Planner for Recreational Coaches from iSoccer.

The clearer the session is to the coach and players, usually the more effective it will be. This ‘four part’ practice plan tries to give you both structure and progression. Every kid is guaranteed lots of of quality touches, tons of decision making opportunities and a chance to compete every practice! With those three things + energy from the coaches, you are well on your way to making every player better and creating an effective practice session! Feel free to incorporate any drills you already know or ones you find online. This hopefully serves as a framework for an effective, fun session. When you are done with 8 weeks, just repeat! Good luck and you can always reach out to iSoccer at: Support@iSoccer.org. We are here to help you Raise the Level of your Players!

If you are an experienced or professional coach, please forward to any coaches you think might benefit from this practice guide. And if you have any thoughts on this plan for recreational coaches, (how to make it simpler, more effective, clearer) please let us know – We are always looking to make everything we do better and greatly appreciate honest feedback!