Harnesses Technology to Improve Youth Player Development Across the U.S.


Group of Stanford Soccer Grads Look to Raise the Bar in the Way Soccer Talent Is Developed with Help of the Internet

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 8, 2011) –, the popular online training product and motivational tool for recreational and competitive soccer players, has launched a new product phase this week on its website: The new product takes the player, coach and club experience to the next level. They are able to go online and assess a player’s individual level based on a series of 16 skills in the span of a less than an hour with the ultimate goal of increasing a players technical acuity for the game. was founded in 2008 by former Stanford soccer standout Scott Leber. A long‐time youth coach, Leber pinpointed the unique opportunity of harnessing online technology to solve a fundamental problem in the current development of American soccer talent: a lack of technical ability and motivation among young players. With their national testing standard, iSoccer has collected 451,873 assessments scores and over 14.4 million touches on the soccer ball have been logged by individuals since launching in early 2010. Youth clubs in all 50 states, five state soccer organizations and eight national organizations, including the National Soccer Coaches Assocaition of America, have all partnered with in its mission to raise the level of the game.

“We are attempting to fundamentally change and enhance how youth players and teams develop their talent,” said iSoccer founder and CEO, Scott Leber. “By integrating the power of technology, proven motivational psychology, and a progressive training platform, we believe we have found a present‐day solution to the many obstacles players and teams encounter that constrain player development. Our goal is to unleash a player’s full potential.”

The online assessment allows coaches and players to breakdown specific areas for individual improvement. This targeted training approach produces more complete and dynamic players, while helping to motivate kids all at the same time.