Former WPS Commissioner Tonya Antonucci Joins Board of Directors at

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 29, 2011) –, the popular online training product and motivational tool for recreational and competitive soccer players, has added former WPS Commissioner and Stanford soccer standout Tonya Antonucci to its Board of Directors. Antonucci is the CEO of the Women’s Soccer Initiative (WSII), which launched Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) and was Commissioner of the league from 2007-2010, as well as a member of the board for professional soccer with US Soccer from 2009-2011. She launched the Yahoo! Sports property and was formerly a General Manager at Yahoo!, overseeing the company’s award-winning 2002 FIFA World Cup ™ site.

“We are incredibly pleased to have Tonya join our board. She brings a wealth of experience in a space that is critical to our development and success: the merging of technology and soccer,” said iSoccer CEO & Founder, Scott Leber. “Her insights will be invaluable as we continue to grow our brand and refine our product.”

iSoccer launched its new web interface in early September 2011 and has collected nearly 500,000 individual assessments since launching as an online training tool in 2010. Following a series of ball tests on the field, each individual assessment is then entered online by players. The aim of iSoccer’s assessment is to provide a standard by which players can gauge their progress and coaches can pinpoint areas for technical improvement and individual progress.

“iSoccer’s product is unique in the marketplace,” said Antonucci. “It fuses the benefits of online technology and national standards with individual player assessments to provide a platform for technical proficiency and improvement. It’s such an incredibly useful tool for all teams, coaches and individuals that I envision it growing into a must-have in both elite and recreational training and development..”