Quick Tip: Season Kick Off

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

Quick Tip: Season Kick Off

Whether you use one or two of the iSoccer Skills, the iSoccer Six, or the full Skills Assessment, the beginning of a season is the best time for an assessment for a few reasons:

1. Set a baseline for the season.

Take a Skills Assessment at the beginning and end of (and during!) a season to get an accurate picture of how effective your season is, in terms of individual improvement, not just winning and losing!

2. Get more comfortable on the ball.

No matter their age or ability level, every player can become more comfortable with the ball.  Make technique a priority this season and see the results on the field!

3. Coaches and Parents: Make skill development a game this season.

Use the iSoccer Skills Assessment to create a “Game within the Game” this season.  Start by assessing players early in the season and then recognize and reward improvement along the way. The more creative you get with how you recognize and reward players, the more fun iSoccer becomes!

So good luck and have fun this season!

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