Quick Tip: iSoccer for Busy Coaches and Parents

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

Quick Tip: iSoccer for Busy Coaches and Parents

One of the most common things we hear from coaches and parents around the country is that they don’t have the time or expertise to do the full iSoccer assessment. So here is how, in just a few minutes each week, anyone can use iSoccer to motivate players:

1. Choose one or two skills each week
Assess players on the chosen skill (toe taps week 1, juggling week 2, dribbling week 3, etc) at the beginning of the week, and then again at the end (maybe during warm ups, technical training, or just in the backyard or living room).
2. Recognize improvement
Recognize or reward improvement each week to excite players. Something as simple as: “the player with the most improved score on Thursday is next week’s captain” works great. Get creative!
3. Next week’s skill is…

Let players know what they will be doing next week, and encourage them to practice that skill and assess themselves at home. Be sure they have all registered for free at iSoccer.org where they can log scores and do more on their own.

So remember that iSoccer can be used in easy, simple ways that get players excited to spend more time on the ball!

Good luck and have fun this season!

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