Quick Tip: iSoccer for Parents and Coaches

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

Quick Tip: iSoccer for Parents and Coaches

We encourage every coach and parent out there to actually score themselves on the iSoccer Assessment! Competing against mom, dad, or coach to see who can improve the most is a great way to get players excited about spending more time with the ball. It doesn’t matter what scores you get, as long is everyone is having fun and players are improving their touch.

  • Parents: iSoccer is all about improvement, so even if you have never played soccer before, take the Assessment with your child, set up a player account for yourself, and see who can improve the most. Make a game out of it and get the whole family involved!
  • Coaches: Challenge your entire team to beat your scores or the amount you improve. Not only will players take iSoccer more seriously, there will be extra motivation to try and beat coach!

Getting involved in your player’s development by taking the Assessment yourself is an effective motivational tool and creates a fun game as well. So the next time your player is about to score themselves, grab a ball and join them!


The iSoccer Team