Quick Tip: Never Say Never

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Quick Tip: Never Say Never

As summer marches on, the Euros have given us plenty of entertainment and drama over the last couple weeks. One of the biggest surprises so far was Greece getting out of the group stage by beating Russia on Saturday. 

Just like the Greek team seemed to have an insurmountable task in front of them to beat Russia, as players and teams we sometimes find it difficult to continue improving. But when you feel like giving up, it can be the best time to set a big goal for yourself! After all, you don’t have anything to lose, and reaching a hard goal is fun and rewarding because you know you earned it!

Set a monthly goal to raise one or two iSoccer Skill Levels this summer to get ready for the fall season. Even if the goal seems unattainable, if you work hard, and stay focused, you never know what you can achieve!  

Check out the replay of the game if you missed it, and take a look at your account to set a goal this summer!

Greece vs Russia