Quick Tip: 3 Juggling Skill Challenges

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Quick Tip: 3 Juggling Skill Challenges

Here are 3 iSoccer Skill Videos that you can use to make quick, fun skill games this summer. Challenge yourself, or your friends, and see how many you can do!


For Beginners: Once you can do the 1-2 catch, see how many more you can do in a row. 3? 5? 10? Right and left footed.


For Intermediate Players: This one is great for learning proper foot angle for striking a clean, driven ball. Complete as many as you can with either foot. Remember – no backspin (a little forward spin is even better).


For Advanced Players: How many can you do in a row while knocking the ball as high as you can followed by a small control touch?  The higher you knock it, the more skill is required. And remember, only use your laces!


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You can use any of the 500+ iSoccer Skill Videos to create a game. Make up the rules and get creative. Skill training is always more fun when you turn it into a game! Cheers!

The iSoccer Team

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