Quick Tip: Player Points and Velocity

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

You may have seen the new virtual Player Cards in your account, and the two new features that help players and teams have more fun using iSoccer to get better: Player Points and Velocity! So what exactly are Player Points and Velocity?

Player PointsPlayer Points: Now players earn points for everything they do in their account! From entering scores and activities, to just logging in, Player Points let you know how much you are using iSoccer to get better.

VelocityVelocity: Everything you’ve done in the last 30 days determines your Velocity. Velocity shows you how fast you’re improving, and it’s also a multiplier for your Player Points. The higher your Velocity, the more Player Points you earn!

Award PointsPlay with Your Team: Players and coaches can check out everyone’s Player Card on the team, and challenge each other to get better faster. Coaches can even award points to players for doing well, and take away points to keep players honest. Have fun with it!

So take a look at your account (you probably already have points!), and feel free to let us know what you think about Player Points and Velocity!

The iSoccer Team