Quick Tip: Set a Monthly Goal

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

Setting a monthly iSoccer goal is an easy way to get motivated and challenge yourself or your players to spend more time with the ball. Be sure to sweeten the deal with a fun reward (doesn’t have to be a material reward!) for reaching a goal.

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1. Coaches: Team Goals
Setting a team goal is a great way to get everyone working together as a group. It can be as simple as raising your Overall Team Level, which means every player has to improve their scores, no matter what those scores are. Reward them with a free-play practice, or something else fun!

2. Players: Personal Goals
Whether you want to raise your Overall Skill Level, or focus on a specific skill that you have been struggling with, set a personal goal for the next month. Beating your high score and achieving your goal is a great feeling and you’ll know that you’re becoming a better player.

3. Parents: Family Goals
Help your player set a quick goal, and offer encouragement and recognition when they hit their goal. You can even score yourself (doesn’t matter what score you get!) and challenge your child to see who can raise their score the most. Have fun with it!

So check out your iSoccer scores, and set a quick goal for yourself or your players this month.

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