Quick Tip: Midseason Pull Up

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

For most of you out there, it’s right in the middle of the fall season, and a great time to pause and reflect on how things have been going so far! Here are a couple ways iSoccer can help address weaknesses you have seen on the field this season.

  • Players: What’s one area of your game that you have been struggling with this season? Non-preferred foot dribbling? Shooting? Aerial control? Pick one or two iSoccer Skills and really focus on raising those scores in the next couple weeks. Login>>>
  • Coaches: Choose one or two iSoccer Skills that your team needs to improve on as a whole, and set a team goal to collectively raise those scores. Be sure to offer a group reward for hitting the goal, like a free-play practice. Login>>>
  • Parents: Help your player improve on a couple iSoccer Skills by scoring them and encouraging them to set goals. (You can even score yourself and challenge your player to see who can raise their scores the most. It doesn’t matter what scores you get or if you’ve never played soccer before – have fun with it!) Login>>>
So take a moment to reflect on the season so far, and use iSoccer to help focus on an area that you or your team has been struggling with!

The iSoccer Team