Quick Tip: Using Player Points

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

Many of you have seen the new Player Points in your account,which help motivate players to get more touches on the ball by giving them points for everything they do with iSoccer. Here are a couple ways you can use Player Points to challenge yourself or your team:

  • Weekly Points Goal: Players, how many points can you earn this week? You get points for entering scores, raising your Skill Levels, and even just logging into your account. Can you earn 1,000 points this week? 5,000?
  • Award Points to Players: Coaches, did you know that you can give or take away points from players in your account? Use this feature to reward players for doing well, or take away points to keep them honest. Give your players points this week, and get them excited to play iSoccer away from practice.
Laura S. in Michigan has 77,876 Player Points, the most of any iSoccer player!

The iSoccer Team