Quick Tip: iSoccer Indoors

Just because winter weather is right around the corner, it doesn’t mean you need to stop trying to improve your iSoccer scores. Here are two easy ways anyone can play iSoccer indoors, without destroying the house!

  • Toe Taps and Foundations: The iSoccer Comfort Skills are easy to do anywhere. Did you know that we found players with higher Toe Taps scores almost always do better in games?  Check your Toe Taps Skill Level and try to raise it this winter.
  • Grab a Tennis Ball: Juggling a tennis ball is a perfect exercise for indoors. Find a spot inside without any breakables, and see what your iSoccer Juggling scores are with a tennis ball. It’s a little harder, but a great way to improve your touch.

When playing outside isn’t an option, it’s all about being creative to still get touches in over the winter. So head to the gym, garage, or basement, and use a tennis or size 1 ball to keep raising your level during the off-season. But remember – be safe and don’t break anything!

The iSoccer Team