iSoccer Featured Player: Magnus

iSoccer: The Game Within the Game

We’re excited to present Magnus as our latest Featured Player! He raised his iSoccer Skill Level from White (1) to Green (5) in just 6 months, and is a great example for young players everywhere. Check out how Magnus and his family play iSoccer together!

Name: Magnus – Age: 10 – Lives: Maryland
iSoccer Level: Green, 5.0

  • “Without question, he’s learning lessons that he will take with him for the rest of his life: setting achievable goals, working hard, and having fun doing it. Magnus may not realize it right now, but iSoccer is creating a foundation within him for future success on and off the field.” – Dad
  • “I feel more comfortable when the ball comes to me in the air, when before I was hesitant.” – Magnus
  • “We practice with him and compete against him on many of the skills – it’s great exercise for us and a nice way to relax after a day at work.” – Dad
  • “I haven’t done this in 20 years, so it’s fun to relearn it with my son.” – Mom

A big thanks to Magnus and his family for sending in the video footage and helping inspire players all over North America!

Magnus shows that no matter what your scores are when you start iSoccer, if you spend time working on the iSoccer Skills, you will get more comfortable with the ball. And to all the parents out there – challenge your kids on a couple iSoccer Skills! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played soccer before – have fun with it!


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