iSoccer and Tony DiCicco of SoccerPlus Work Together to Develop a Goalkeeping Assessment

Tony DiCicco GK Release

San Francisco, CA (January 12, 2013) – This month, through a partnership with Tony DiCicco’s SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School, iSoccer rolled out iSoccer Goalkeeping, the newest addition to their skill-training platform. The San Francisco-based technology company had previously focused on field players, with this being the first goalkeeper-training program of its kind.

“Working with iSoccer to create a goalkeeper assessment and development tool has been a real pleasure and SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School is proud to launch the iSoccer/SoccerPlus Goalkeeper skill challenge. I encourage keepers of ALL ages to test their skills,” says Tony DiCicco, President and Technical Director of SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School

“We were thrilled to partner with Tony and the rest of his team at SoccerPlus to create goalkeeping assessment,” said Scott Leber, founder and CEO of iSoccer. “We combined their expertise in goalkeeping with our technical know-how to produce a set of Goalkeeping Skills that should make keeper training more fun and effective for players of all levels. This is a fantastic first step for us in helping goalkeepers around the country and around the world.”

iSoccer applies gaming psychology to soccer training by adding a scoring system to core soccer exercises, which they call iSoccer Skills. Coaches and players score their team and themselves on the iSoccer Skills, and log those scores via the web or mobile device to earn Skill Levels. Now, goalkeepers can get in on the action.

Working together, Tony and iSoccer created 31 core Goalkeeping Skills organized by specific topics. The goal is collect 10,000 scores on these Skills in order to establish the Goalkeeping Skill Level matrix, just like what iSoccer has done for field players. Players, parents, and coaches can go to to watch the Goalkeeping Skills video guides, and enter scores as often as they like.


About SoccerPlus
Tony DiCicco is the Founder and Technical Director of SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School and Field Player Academy. SoccerPlus was founded in 1982 and runs camps nationwide. For information on SoccerPlus programs go to .

About iSoccer
Founded in 2008 by Scott Leber, iSoccer impacts over 500,000 players across the US and around the world. iSoccer is a soccer technology company that uses motivational psychology and gaming mechanics to create healthy competition around skill training, which makes technical development more fun and effective for players and teams of all levels. Visit