The Rage FC Renegades 100 Day Challenge – Part 1

Coach Bill Shute of the Rage FC Renegades U10 Girls Team approached us back in the spring about an awesome idea he had. He wanted to create the ‘100 Days of Summer Challenge’ to motivate his players to improve over the summer and he wanted to use iSoccer as the platform.

I loved it! And so did everyone else here at iSoccer! The idea was brilliantly simple:

– Pick a duration of time [The Renegades are using 100 days]

– Set the Challenge [Each Renegade player picked two skills they want to improve upon and they are going to see which player improves the most in 100 days]

So for any team out there that wants to get better, follow the lead of Coach Bill Shute: Create a Game out of It!. Set a time period and use iSoccer as the platform. [and remember to have some sort of reward for the players who improve the most.]

Video Part 1: Coach Bill took this video at the beginning of the challenge. He explains the challenge and interviews all the girls by asking them what skill they want to focus on this summer. Awesome video Coach Bill and we are excited to see the mid challenge check in video part 2!