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We are launching the New! The old version of iSoccer will be closed today, and we’ll start switching all accounts over to the New iSoccer.

Why are we making this change?

Our goal is to help kids learn soccer skills, get better, and have fun along the way. We also hope to instill the self confidence in them that it’s possible to improve at anything!

We’re committed to this goal and to making the iSoccer experience as good as it can be for coaches and their players.

What’s new about iSoccer?

Kids love playing soccer on the field, and they love playing around on the internet. We spent the last 12 months redesigning everything to connect both activities in a fun way that helps kids with soccer.

– has a new look and feel
– is easier to use
– is more intuitive
– has more features
– is more of a game that kids play!

We think it’s better and look forward to hearing what you think! This 1st version of the New iSoccer is a beta and we’ll be working to make it better in the coming weeks/months as we get feedback…

There are also features that did not make this first version of Play iSoccer. We plan on bringing them back in the upcoming months:

– Comparison to the iSoccer Standards
– Comparison to the College Standards

Here are examples of changes to iSoccer:

New Look and Feel:

Lighter, with fun colors and design.


New Navigation and Layout:

Simpler, cleaner and easier to use with a more intuitive interface.

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 1.22.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 1.24.05 PM

New Features and Game Design:

“iSoccer is cool, fun and easy to play.” That’s the feedback we’re hearing from kids that use the new site.

The object of playing iSoccer is to earn as many points, badges, and skill levels as possible. You do this by taking soccer challenges, entering scores in your account, and proving those scores to your coach or parent.

Players also get points for sharing personal soccer stuff, logging in everyday, completing iSoccerWork from coach, and much more. Whoever earns the most, is winning…!

For instance, the old, 16 part iSoccer Assessment. Simple, objective and effective, but not FUN. Challenges and Games are fun though.

The iSoccer Assessments are now iSoccer Core Challenges:

Check out the new Foot Speed Challenge Video!

We’ll be releasing Freestyle Challenges soon to give players more creative skills to work on…Keep a look out for those!

New Score Verification Process:

To make the game of iSoccer (taking soccer challenges and beating your high scores) more real, players now have to get their Challenge scores verified by a coach or parent to earn an an OFFICIAL Skill Level.

So when a player enters a score, the system presents 2 options: “Get your score verified?” (i.e. Prove it! ) OR “Save as a Practice score?”

This is an easy way to make playing iSoccer more fun and challenging because Official Scores really mean something to kids! They have to work hard on their own with the ball to continue earning higher and higher Skill Levels. It also makes the process of getting better more social…


iSoccer Youth Standards and College Standards:

Our first release of the New iSoccer will not include iSoccer Standards and the ability to compare your scores to them. Don’t worry! If you are a current iSoccer Member, we will send you this data anytime, so you can show your players how they compare to different aged players and to top Division I college programs around the US.

Just let us know if you would like us to send the Standards your way!

Personal Training Videos and iSoccerWork:

For coaches, we made the process of assigning iSoccer(Home)Work videos to players quick and easy. On the New iSoccer, you can now send one video with specific instructions of what you want players to practice at home.

Coaches told us that the old process, of choosing complex iSoccer sessions, or creating custom sessions, was too hard and time consuming. We built the new iSoccerWork system to be more simple and to make it easier for coaches to get their players to focus on specific skills in their own time.

Here is an example of a coach sending a juggling exercise. Coaches can still see which players do their iSoccerWork and which do not. Players also earn points for completing homework assignments. Simple incentives that help get players to do more.

iSoccer Work

New iSoccer Pricing and Memberships:

The New iSoccer offers Player Memberships and Team Memberships with monthly, seasonal and yearly options. Player Memberships are available for individual purchase, or coaches can buy Team Memberships, which provide full access for themselves and for all players on their teams.

We still offer free, Basic Accounts for players and coaches. They offer limited access and the ability to take only 2 iSoccer Challenges.

Go to to learn more.

How does this change affect you?

Starting today, current users will be able to login at Players are starting fresh with the new system. That said we will try hard to transfer over all Official Scores and Player Points from the old iSoccer (1.0) system.

If anyone can’t find scores/points and  wants them from, please let us know and we will send them to you.

Players that had premium,  Plus accounts are still be upgraded and now have iSoccer Player Memberships. Coaches that had premium, Plus accounts are still upgraded and now have iSoccer Team Memberships.

Players and coaches with free, Basic accounts will still have free, iSoccer Basic accounts.

Login and check out your new accounts when you can, and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

What to do next?

Go play around with the New iSoccer!

Thank you for your continued support! We changed iSoccer for our users! 😉

We are always open to your feedback (both positive and negative). Please let us know what you think of the New iSoccer and how we can make it better for you. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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Thank you and Game On!
iSoccer Founder and CEO