iSoccer 2.0 Update

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All Scores and Points Have Been Transferred

Last week we released iSoccer 2.0 as a fresh start without scores or points from the old system, and let people know we would transfer their stuff if they wanted. Well, turns out a lot of you wanted those scores! So in the end, we decided to bring scores and points over for everyone. Thanks to all of you who wrote in, and sorry for any trouble we caused.

Login to and make sure everything looks right in your account!

Please note: All player-entered scores from iSoccer 1.0 are now Practice scores! You’ll find them in the Skill Level charts under Practice scores. Players will need to send those scores to their parent or coach to make them Official and to earn their colored iSoccer Level.

Transition in General

A year ago, when we decided to build a brand new site, we knew the transition to the new system would be a challenge. So far, everything has gone really well – so a big thank you to our small, hardworking tech team who put in some long hours! However, we know change is never easy, and some people still need help getting their accounts all settled, or have questions about the changes we made.

If something isn’t as it should be with your account, team, subscription, or anything else, please let us know at and we will get right on it.

If you have any questions about scores, pricing, or new vs. old features, take a look at our Help Center to learn more.

To the entire iSoccer Community: thanks for bearing with us during this transition, and we hope you like the new site! As always, we welcome your feedback, and look forward to continuing to help you or your team enjoy the Beautiful Game.

Game On!
Scott Leber
iSoccer Founder and CEO