iSoccer Featured Team: U11 Girls Rage FC Renegades from New Jersey


We’re excited to introduce our newest Featured Team: the RAGE FC Premier RENEGADES U11 Girls from New Jersey.

Led by Coach Bill Shute, the girls began a “100 Day Challenge” in July to improve their skills by playing iSoccer. It took hard work and dedication, but they succeeded in early October. Every player raised her technical skill level. This is how they did it.

Assistant Coach Cyndi Guarente tells us they kicked off the 100 Day Challenge by identifying the team’s most needed improvement areas: juggling, aerial control and first touch. This focused the players on a team goal. “Improve at least these areas, and we will be a better team.” By the end of summer, all of the girls had gotten better at juggling, aerial control and first touch. Awesome!

Living by the motto, “Whether it’s 30 days, 60 days, or 100 days, you too can use iSoccer to help develop your skills,” the U10 Girls RENEGADES logged over 1,000 soccer activities and 35,000 ‘iSoccer Touches’ in their online profiles.

The girls were able to raise 211 skill levels as a team! Overall, the team went from a technical average of 4.0 (level yellow) to 5.2 (level green) on a 10-point scale. WOW!

U10 Girls Coach Shute says they succeeded over summer break because, “when by the beach, by the pool or on vacation, the girls were spending time with the ball and logging activity online, which motivated each other.” Turn technical development into a game and it becomes fun for kids.

What’s next for RAGE FC Premier and iSoccer? Bill Shute explains: “As a result of our success, the entire club has decided to use iSoccer for the year.” Their club’s Co-Founder and Technical Director, Shawn Swanger, followed up saying:

“We now use iSoccer as a technical training component year around. After the 100 Day Challenge was complete, our club launched the i-Fall-40. Its goal was to set clear expectations that our players needed to spend 40 days at home developing iSoccer skills on the platform.”

You can check out some of their video footage of the 100 Day Challenge below or click here to check out the rest of their 3-part video series on YouTube: iSoccer 100 Day Challenge Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

(Oh, and by the way, they just won the U11 NJ State Cup. Coincidence or the result of getting their touches in all summer?)

Thanks for your time. Happy Holidays! Play iSoccer and create your own challenge to get better. It’s fun and free to try.