iSoccer Launches its Second Round of Funding

iSoccer App Image


San Francisco, CA – Positioning itself to take advantage of the explosion in popularity and growth at the intersection of sports and technology, iSoccer, the digital training platform empowering kids around the world to improve their soccer skills through technology, has launched its second round of funding to accelerate growth.

“We’ve seen platforms like Strava, Endomondo, MapMyFitness and Nike’s running application surge in popularity for a variety of individual activities including running, cycling, even hiking,” said Scott Leber, CEO of iSoccer. “I believe we can do that in the team space – starting in soccer – by challenging, motivating and providing a platform for young players to improve and connect.”

Participation numbers thus far include over 150,000 total players, more than 67 million touches logged on the ball, over 2,234,000 challenges taken and 78,000 levels raised. Since 2010, iSoccer with its website and digital app have been used by over 30,000 teams in all 50 states.

“Following a complete re-design and re-launch of our core product last fall, we are focusing on this second growth phase for our company,” said Leber. “We are moving more and more into mobile, emphasizing the social connectedness of sports that has become so prevalent, and looking to expand into new markets and other team sports.”

The new Play iSoccer platform allows friends and teammates to challenge each other at various games with the ball, earn badges and points in different skills categories, all while improving their performance on the field. They can share photos, achievements and compare scores through the mobile interface.

iSoccer’s next round of growth will help accomplish three key initiatives:
1) Grow the mobile product team & improve the mobile interface.
2) Build on its platform to provide more challenges, more data and more unique games to keep young kids motivated & ultimately improve their skills.
3) Expand into new regions with its current platform & into other sports using iSoccer’s technology & knowledge.

“We’re very proud of the participation numbers we’ve achieved during our first several years,” said Leber. “Now is the time for our product to reach greater scale.”

As part of the fundraising efforts, iSoccer has launched on I-Bankers Direct, the online funding portal that provides investors with online access to small-cap growth companies and investment opportunities. “I-Bankers Direct will help us broaden & diversify our investors, accelerate our fund raising and open new doors,” said Leber.