How Do You Play iSoccer?

iSoccer is a game you play to get better at soccer. But how you play is up to you. We provide the platform, you make the rules! The different games we are hearing around the iSoccer Community are nothing short of amazing.

Here are a few player, team and parent examples:

Points or Touches: The player with the most points or touches at the end of a set time frame (10, 20, 30 days) wins. That was easy!

Skill: Take only one of the iSoccer Challenges and record your score. Pick a time frame. 5, 10, 20 days. Set both a goal & reward! Did you achieve your goal? Nothing is better than nailing your goal and earning a reward! (Coach – maybe the player who improves the most is captain for the next game)

Parent: Select one of the iSoccer Challenges and actually score yourself along with your child. I would suggest starting with Foot Speed. See who can improve the most in the next 7 days. Make a healthy little wager (chores, dishes, pizza night, ….) Keep it light and fun!


The best thing to remember is that, iSoccer is a game. The better the rewards, the better the competition, the better the challenge – The more fun it is to play! And the more fun something is, the harder we work at it!

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Game On!
Scott – The iSoccer Guy