iSoccer and Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers

Back in the day, when I wasn’t on the soccer field, I loved playing Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo (yes, I’m that old…). Recently I played it again for the first time in 20+ years, and actually almost beat the game in one try.

It got me thinking – how was I still good at Mario Brothers after all these years, and how does that relate to iSoccer?

Edge of Ability: When you die in Mario Brothers, you get to immediately try again on the exact same level. Practicing on the edge of your ability is where you improve. Slowly, something that was very difficult will become easier and easier.

Active Learning: I got better by actively playing more and more, not by watching or being taught. You get better soccer skills by doing, not listening. You don’t need a coach to get outside and touch the ball as much as possible.

Repetition: After passing the same level again and again, that level became easier and easier. So when I played the next day, I would breeze through the first few levels and get to where I was more challenged. If you do the same skill over and over again, it will go from challenging to routine!

Just like Mario Brothers, soccer technique is something any player can master. So instead of trying to get to the next level in your favorite video game this season, spend more time with the ball trying to get to the next iSoccer Skill Level!

Game On!
Scott Leber (@scottleber)