About Us

Company Information

iSoccer is a company of passion. Passion to “raise the level of the game one player at a time” by improving the technical ability of players at the grassroots level.

At iSoccer’s core is a revolutionary technical assessment that highlights a player’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we have developed a video library of over 500 individual training clips that can be mixed and matched to create customized video training sessions, completely downloadable to an iPod or portable media device.

iSoccer combines innovative technology with state of the art training techniques. As we like to say at iSoccer, Train Smarter. Get the maximum amount of technical development out of every touch on the ball. With iSoccer, every touch has a purpose.

Why we Exist?

We have come together under one mission: To Raise the Level of the Game, One Player at a time by creating an effective, powerful methodology for players, coaches and clubs to improve their level. Together, we can raise the level. Let’s create a “game within the game”, and it will happen!

A Game within the Game

By creating a “game within the game”, iSoccer gives players and coaches of all levels the tools to make technical development exciting. Fundamentally, the ability to see and reward tangible improvement over time is an extremely powerful motivator, and creates an exciting new dynamic in training. iSoccer is all about getting better, having fun, and feeling a sense of achievement that many players often do not experience during games.