Bozeman Blitz Club – First Featured Club

We are excited to present Bozeman Blitzz FC in Montana as our first Featured Club! Starting with only a few teams using iSoccer last year, it has now exploded across the club. The Blitzz FC are an incredible example of how an entire organization, from the players, to the parents, to coaches, can truly embrace a culture of technical development and individual improvement.

Check out this short video of Bozeman Blitzz FC talking
about how iSoccer impacted their club:
Blitzz FC Coaches use it in different ways, but the message is consistent: spend more time with the ball on your own, get sharper, make tangible, incremental improvements, and get recognized for hard work!
  • Used creativity: Gave players stars to iron onto their jerseys for raising their Skill Level at fun award ceremonies.
  • Technical Director Dan Ferguson on feedback from parents: “Instead of sitting on the couch playing Xbox [players] were out in the backyard trying to level up.”
  • Staff Coach Tyler Eischen on tangible improvement: “Players don’t have to score a goal or make a pass… They know they are getting better by going on iSoccer.”
  • Blitzz Player on why he likes iSoccer: “I use iSoccer to help motivate me to become a better player”

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