De Anza Force from CA

In the last twelve months, the De Anza Force have logged 1,245 iSoccer scores and Raised Their Overall iSoccer Level +18.85%. Every single player has raised their technical level and feel more comfortable with the ball during games. The Force are an iSoccer Featured Team because of there incredible commitment to maximizing the potential of not only team but also every individual on the team. Congratulations to the De Anza Force on being an iSoccer Featured Team and motivating and inspiring teams near and far!

In the last 12 months, each player got thousands of focused touches on the ball. Because every player knew their iSoccer level, they were able to push themselves to raise their individual level. Thus, when they were practicing, they were motivated to be faster, more accurate and more consistent so they could beat their highest score. And that is what iSoccer calls deliberate, focused and more efficient training!

In the words of their Coach Andres Deza; “Last year (2010) when we went Surf Cup, the skill level between all the players was pretty varied. The level began to drop off a bit when we began making adjustments. This year (2011) at Surf Cup, it was great to see players that no matter which player I put into the game, it did not break down. All my players are able to execute technically.”

In fact, their technical level improved so much, at the young age of 12, they even surpassed the College Women’s 50th percentile in Toe Taps, Foundations, Juggling PF, and Juggling NPF. Please note that our continually growing Women’s College Standards includes the top 3 teams from 2010: Notre Dame (1), Stanford(2) and UNC(3)! Not bad for 12 year olds!

Here is what the girls had to say about technical ability:

“It helps us perform. Passing out of the back is really dangerous so we have to be able to pass and receive quickly.”

“When you do a drill repetitively. Your muscles remember the skill and it becomes second nature.”

“I used to juggle 3 or 4. Now I can juggle over 40 with my preferred foot and over 30 with my non-preferred foot.”

“In games, it helps us control the ball more.”

To close, these technical improvements are worthy of high praise – but there’s more. They just won the Nor Cal State Cup. They just won Surf Cup. And they are currently ranked the #1 U13 girls team in the country by Got Soccer! Of course, iSoccer does not take full credit for the team’s on field success. But we are proud to be a piece of the De Anza Force training program by making their players sharper and sharper on the ball.

Congratulations De Anza Force! Keep Raising the Level!