Josh – 10 Year Old from VA

In the last 12 months, Josh, a 10 year old boy, has logged over 115 scores. America’s highest in 2010!!! He was frustrated the first couple of times he took the iSoccer Assessment, but as his skill increased, so did his enjoyment. He started at iSoccer Level WHITE (1) and is has now earned iSoccer Level BLUE (6)!!! That is awesome for a 10 year old!

In his own words, “It is fun to increase your score, and now I want to achieve level BROWN (7).” When asked, how did you get so much better, Josh answered “I just kept practicing.” Well, that is absolutely music to iSoccer’s ears!

Keep raising your level Josh and to everyone else across the country, “just keep practicing” and have fun raising your own level!

Starting Score vs Today

  • Toe Taps 55 : 85
  • Foundations 60 : 110
  • Juggling PF 3 : 37
  • Juggling NPF 3 : 25
  • Juggling Head 3 : 30

How do you become an iSoccer Featured Player

Becoming an iSoccer featured player is more than just high scores. It is about improvement, dedication, commitment, setting goals and most of all, raising your level! Whether you are level white or black, you can be an iSoccer Featured Player! Send us an email explaining why you think you should be an iSoccer Featured Player along with any video content you might have of you performing the iSoccer Assessment and introducing yourself.

Send your email to: