Luca – 11 Year Old from CA

After her first iSoccer assessment, Luca has worked relentlessly to raise her level! Watch the video to check out Luca performing the iSoccer assessment and hear her training routine in her own words!

11 Years Old
6th Grade
Rays 98 Red
San Mateo, CA

iSoccer Scores
Toe Taps: 73
Foundation: 110
Juggling PF: 60
Juggling NPF: 44
Heading: 30
COP PF: 17
COP PF: 17
COD: 19
Moves: 16
Two Touch PF: 14
Two Touch NPF: 13
One Touch PF: 18
One Touch NPF: 16
Aerial Control: 13
Ball Striking: 7
Speed: 31

Level: 7.9 BROWN

Luca’s Own Words:
“You have to train everyday and touch the ball everyday.”
“Sometimes there are times I really don’t feel like like training, but now iSoccer has made me want to play soccer everyday and keep improving.”
“It tells me I really need to work on my left foot more because there is a gap between my right foot and left foot and I want it to be equal.”

How do you become an iSoccer Featured Player

Becoming an iSoccer featured player is more than just high scores. It is about improvement, dedication, commitment, setting goals and most of all, raising your level! Whether you are level white or black, you can be an iSoccer Featured Player! Send us an email explaining why you think you should be an iSoccer Featured Player along with any video content you might have of you performing the iSoccer Assessment and introducing yourself.

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